The Council Meeting

It was numbingly cold and Vivaldi’s four seasons was playing in his car. The big snowflakes were blizzard like and frosty hard; chattering like glass on the car from all sides and there was hardly a thing in sight that was not glowing snow blazing from the road of which he was traveling at a speed of 200 kilometers. It was beautiful. John was in a great hurry for a council meeting and there were many things in motion of which he was responsible, but as John was driving at a speed of such urgency and purpose, he still felt himself as calm as water in a cup; totally stable, yet adaptableassuming the shape of whatever the environment called for. This is was the way within which he existed and always experienced himself. Because no matter the depth and breadth of his responsibilities he was meticulously trained to maintain a calm stable manner and mindno matter external circumstances and events. The internal was always in check. He was getting closer and could now begin to observe that magnificent lodge where the master mind was set to conduct. It was the type of scenery fit for a movie. The building was robust and massive. One could tell observing from the end of the road, by the castle like towers reaching over the trees. This was a location without a map to get to, and they has specifically made sure that they had left no digital footprints that could disclose the location, as well as set up surveillance by satellite to make sure there was no interference.

John had finally arrived and parked reasonably well. He stepped out of his car and at once, as he noticed all of his brethrens various expensive, extravagant and totally superfluous cars, he wondered about why it was that they all decided to take the most massive and expensive vehicles to get there, when subtlety was supposed to be the name of their craft. Everyone had some kind of Tesla, but many had deliberately asked for designs of extravagance it seemed. He got that mischievous smile, as he glanced back at his black and totally unremarkable Sedan.

He began approaching the gate and often as he would come to these meetings he would stand there for a while just before entering to just appreciate the design. The architecture was incredible, forming all kinds of patterns and symbols; all conveying the secret history of the ages. Suddenly a man began to assume the space opposite John and he was glad to identify him as the man by the name of James Edwards. John didn’t really have any friends, nor did he consider it necessary. He would only consider principles and values as his friends and it was rather like he didn’t really ever befriend a person, but the principles and values he could detect in their thoughts, words and deeds. And it was those great things he saw in James Edwards, and for which he had an unwavering loyalty. James Edwards was the one from the order he felt the strongest sense of kinship with, for he was in his own way as much of a rebel as John. James fills the position as the director of NSA and he hates fancy dinners, ties and the reason people shine their shoes.

He takes on a particular stance to identify himself by degree of the Order and John plays along with a kindred greeting. He really didn’t get why they always had to do these things; the handshakes, passwords, gestures and all. He considered it a waste of time, as they had all known each other for years and it wasn’t quite as subtle as one might think. James took one step forward, John responded by taking two, then James took three and they commenced with a brotherly handshake.

James Edwards: I am glad to see you John. I like your car.

He said smiling mischievously, while twinkling with those intelligent eyes made by his irresistible charm.

John Arrows: Yes, it is more commensurate with our craft. Don’t you think?

James Edwards: It is, indeed. Unfortunately it seems that most of our brethren’s have more grand thoughts than cultivated ability to think. One can tell by their cars. Did you read my rapport on wearable technology in relation to intelligence gathering?

John: Yes.

James: And?

John: Yes. (smiles)

James: Glad it served your purpose John. Shall we?

He points at entrance.

John: Lets.

They walk together from the gates and all of a sudden John the snow storm had transformed into a quiet calm, and he felt a particularly comfortable breeze. It was peaceful. They approached the entrance and just beside it there was a bio-metric scan, for which each member of the lodge was to produce an eye in order to enter. John went first, and after the scan was successfully completed, an artificial voice came from the speaker above the door instructing James to go ahead. James produced an eye and the door opened. As usual, John and James were the last to arrive, as evidenced by the fact that everyone else was already inside. Together with James and John, they were a total of 11 brethren’s gathered. But there was one more that couldn’t make the meet due to responsibility and time constraints.

The mastermind consisted of James EdwardThe Director of NSA, George KrusovitchThe Director of CIA, Charles Brighton – The Head of NASA, Jason SunDirector of The Global Media Corporation, William CordanceDirector of Visual Aid Productions, Albert Grape – Founder of Future Technologies, Leonard Ingrow – Head of Universal Financial Trends Corporation, Edgar SourceIndustrial Expert and Director of The Global Advisory Firm for efficiency, Kimble Firm – Chairmen of The International Education Board, Lucas Lord – General Secretary of NATO, and John Arrow – recruitment specialist. They also had a man by the name of Nicolas Serene, who was the United Nations general secretary, and who was unable to make the meet.

The lodge was an absolute manifestation of order. A sublime masterpiece of mathematics, and there was no furniture, paintings, rugs, statues or engravings that did not contain some profound meaning. And for those initiated in the art of symbolic literacy; one could devote hours explaining all the data encrypted in the architecture. Inside the foaje, one was at once provoked to consider the utter complexity of the ground beneath ones feet. Everyone were standing on beautiful rugs of the most ancient kind, within which ancient brethren’s and sisters had encrypted their life’s works, by means of geometry and symbolism. So from their perspective, beneath their feet were no rugs, but stories told in secret languages. They were literally standing on the stories that had changed the world.

The entirety of the environment was specifically designed to provoke deep introspection, wonder and consideration for the depth and breadth of existence. Everything was specific. Nothing arranged by coincident. John observed his dear brethren’s, all dressed in black tailor made three piece suits and everyone was in good form, polite and charming manner; eager to commence the meeting. And before they all had the time to mingle around and indulge in the pleasantries of exchange, a voice exclaimed, with a deep, strong and vibrant sound: “Gentlemen, the master mind is set to conduct in room 42, please make sure to remove all of your wearable technology before you enter the scanner, and for those with implants, alarm your security detail that the chip will be shut off for an hour due to the field we have surrounding the room”. There were only two in the circle who were currently chipped, in case of kidnapping and the like. It was George Crusovitch, the Director of CIA and Charles Brighton, the head of NASA. They both looked inconvenient, as they knew they now had to come up with a believable explanation for why the chip was turned off for an hour. Apparently these directors didn’t have the good sense to make up an excuse beforehand, even tough they had made up excuses like this every year for 40 years of their annual meetings. As they diverted from the line in to make their phone calls, the rest of the brethren’s removed their technological equipment and entered though the scanner. John entered first. He walked in whilst looking around the high sealing that were full of all kinds of symbols, and the floor was of white stones beautifully carved to make all sorts of subtle geometric alignments; all bearing reference to various planets and solar systems. There was a massive round table, surrounded by beautiful chairs, everything was like white light.

John placed himself at the chair nearest the exit, as he was accustomed to do. And he observed all his brethren’s walking in, with their heads held high; everyone carrying themselves with the body language of kings. The way they all moved was like the way within which tiger’s move; in absolute and total control and self-awareness, specificity and precision; no muscles ever used by accident. And their movements were so precise and unquestionable, yet they all moved with a smooth sort of grace that there hardly seem to be any expenditure of energy. Effortlessly strong would be the way to describe their movements. Each of them took a seat and eventually George and Charles came in to take theirs. A bell rang and the chairmen stood up, raised an old law book, which he pushed to the middle of the round table, while glaring around the lodge to engage the brethren’s through their eyes. The chairman’s name is Jason Sun. Jason is the head of a media corporation that owns about 80 percent of all global media companies in the world. You might say that he is in charge of how to channel data through countries, in deliberate and structured ways that could create psychological changes in the masses, more commensurate with the orders objectives. He had a most particular skill to combine information, knowledge and data as metaphysical technology. His whole life had been about understanding what happens when you direct data through the conscious, subconscious and unconscious-mind.

He had a perfectly symmetrical face, strong jaw and a presence in his eyes that spoke of self-mastery and a depth of experience. His eyes were so intensely focused; yet relaxed at the same time, that there was an element of unpredictability to his expression, that simply forced people to focus more than usual. One couldn’t help but feel pierced by him, but at the same time honored by his attention. Jason always carried himself with a warm and embracing body language, and it was quite extraordinary to observe for people, because it was made all the more extraordinary to watch him move, as he was as tall as Abraham Lincoln and had a snow white beard as clean as crystal. Jason Sun was one of the most well-groomed men alive to be sure. And he had a smell of a subtle but incredibly pleasant fragrant. There was some kind of magnetic influence about him that made people eager to serve. He was a master of behavior.

Jason remained standing as the rest were seated. He raised his hands and began the meeting by saying:

Jason Sun: I am pleased to see you all gathered, my dear brethren’s. I look at you all and I appreciate the intelligence gathering of the ages. This annual meeting will commence with the subject of your education. As you all know, you are sworn in and obliged to read all the books we make available and you must finish them by deadline, in absolute unison, page by page, and you must pass all the field testing of its content, by demonstrating in practical application that you understand the implications and can utilize the data to bring about supportive changes of global proportions. And in order for our mastermind to remain in an intellectual advantage, we must read the same books at the same time and direct our activities in precise and unified manner, even our consciousness. Gentlemen, we are running a global symphony and our minds must remain aligned and in specific accordance with the frequency and vibration that enables us to make the impact.

So, as you all know, we have managed to trigger certain world-wide changes, by directing our activities in such a way so as to affect the unified consciousness field, by means of channeling data in structured ways that provoke those things that we have been lacking for so long; introspection, pattern-recognition, integrity and self-empowerment, to name but a few.

We are through our respective fields of endeavor responsible to direct the attention, focus and interests of the massesso that they by mental unison will bring about the circumstances and events we require in order to implement our services. And for this I want to emphasize you remain consistent with your personal studies. I therefore would like to issue a more strict cooperation in terms of our education and advice each brethren to call upon one another, and to test each others competence; to make sure each brother has the support and assistance necessary to make the most possible use of the data we provide. So I propose that we hence forth, raise our intellectual standard and read at least two books a day and dedicate an hour each night to share and reflect upon the applications, experimentation, flaws and improvements of our craft. So, unless there are any objections, can we all agree on setting the standard to two books a day and commit to devote an hour each night with your respective mentoring brother for enhancing your ability to practice the craft? All in favor say I.

Everyone exclaims I.

Jason Sun: Good. Now on to the next point, remaining focused on education, specifically in relation to the masses. We are now soon at a phase where we can begin implementing more of the technology, and specifically the technology that will enable us to carry out more specific enhanced human operations, via wearable technology, by means of nanotechnology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence and mind-programming. For this, I would like for Brother William to give us an update on how the movie and television industry is doing with accustoming the public to accept the technology. William?

The Chairman Jason sits down.

William Cordance: Gentlemen, as you all know the polls indicate a still quite prevalent reluctance to adopt the artificial intelligence systems we have designed for homes and engineered humans is not an accepted concept at the moment; even though it will not alter the human-being on a personality basis, but merely provide individuals access to the faculties already available within them. We will simply provide a shortcut through science for how people can utilize their faculties more effectively. As we mature and grow as beings, eventually technology will become obsolete, but for that people must first realize the human-physical body as the highest form of technology. So, as a bridge of support the technology can serve to mirror the potential of human-beings until the time has come.

Now, despite the still prevalent reluctance to adopt these kinds of technologies, there are a couple of movies and TV-shows that has shown great results. One in particular that you might take the time to investigate, as it serves to educate you as well, in terms of how certain biotechnology can enhance the faculties of the brain, is about an individual who gets to field test a pill that enables him more expansive access to the faculties, and that show has shown great promise and become highly popular and our cyber teams are observing how the younger crowds around the world are wishing, hoping, dreaming, advocating and blogging about it, which is rather strange as the only ones who require that sort of help is grown ups. Children can be helped to develop those things, without external technology. But we expect that in a couple of years time we can introduce this technology, as long as we remain consistent in our media campaigns and make sure it is utilized responsibly. We also see great promise for how we can justify such technology by the need for innovation, sustainability, progress and the clearly recognized need for more intelligence (smiles together with everyone else). So, have patience, the entertainment industry is busy developing more ways to impulse and popularize behaviors that will lead to a collective acceptance of these technologies. So, as stated our current estimation is a couple of years. I would also like to add that we have created some very good movies and TV-shows designed to enhance human intelligence in general, not far from now we will put in a legal framework that only allows movies and TV-shows that reach the criteria of serving the purpose of adding value to life.

Jason Sun: Excellent. And on the topic of technology, the next point we must discuss is about our cyber security. I would like an update on how we can prevent the average companies from getting to tech savvy on this. We require the intellectual advantage to protect our data from getting into the wrong hands. And I realize that one might consider us as light years ahead of the curve, but we must remain ahead of all tech trends at all times and in all countries, for this I would like to suggest we place more undercover operatives in the leading companies. On this, I would like to hear a bit from Brother George and Charles.

George and Charles both smile.

George Crusovitch: Me and Charles actually discussed how to improve our directives to remain consistently in front of the trends abroad. So we wrote a proposal earlier this month, we would like to discuss with the chairman later this week. But for all concerned, suffice is to say that we have gathered 200 candidates to infiltrate various companies in as much as 20 countries, and we look forward to your feedback on the profiles we created on each candidate so we may later vote on their suitableness. None of them know why they are doing it, really; they are all going to work under the premise of identifying genius, so we may monitor them in case of potential recruitment to subversive organizations beyond our current control parameters.

Jason Sun: Good. Prevention is the best cure (smiles together with everyone else). Now, next point at hand. How are we doing with preventing war where and when possible, Brother Lucas?

Lucas Lord: It is very challenging. Allow me for a moment to display my feelings on the subject. As you all know, I am surrounded by soldiers, generals and all kinds of military personnel for the most of my time. These individuals do not realize that war as a manifested outflow and consequence of human beings is a result of the thoughts collectively accepted and allowed within and as mankind as a whole. They don’t realize that the war is not the problem, but merely the symptom of the toxic madness in the unified consciousness field that the people collectively accept and allow. In this regard I believe it becomes increasingly more important to educate the masses on group psychology with regards to its governing principles, such as the law of accumulation, the compound effect, interconnectedness and the ripple effect. I knew what I was getting into as I infiltrated NATO, but these people are absolute psychopaths, completely deprived of reason. So to encourage diplomacy and peaceful resolution is very hard. The tensions between east and west, is still as stupidly present as the tension between those east and west coast rappers, to use a somewhat comical analogy. They all believe themselves to be separate from each other, so I see little room for diplomacy. So, it is with a great sorrow I tell you, that we see very little progress for peace, at least from the perspective of the military hierarchies throughout the world. However, as our cyber capabilities grow, our threats can carry more weight to scare some countries off war, as we can for instance as easily as a moment of breath shut down the electricity of an entire country, quite soon, with very little expenditure of resource. Of course we cannot do this through NATO, but through our Order. The world will simply blame “the hackers”. However, as we do not ever wish to compromise the people I think it is best we work through Enhanced Human Operations. We can now successfully program and prepare an individual with an intellectual and physical advantage to infiltrate various countries hierarchies and remove certain people from exercising unbecoming influence. So we have a list of various individuals who are so corrupt and beyond help, that they must be removed from the physicaleffective immediately. I have issued warrants for some individuals, mostly decision makers and scientists and have already seen to it that they will be replaced by brethren’s under our supervision. I will also add that we have managed to chip some people in their sleep, so we can keep track of their movements and affiliations.

Jason Sun: First of all, my dear brother, we all admire, respect and remain grateful for your service. We sympathize as well as empathize with your challenge. You really took on one of the most major points of infiltration and the burden of your existence is well understood by us. So do not neglect to prioritize communing with the master mind when in any kind of experience that burdens you. We are all trained as forensic psychologists and therapists, and we can truly help each other. We are educated to be our own teachers, healers and priests, but at times, we require the support of one another and in such cases each one must entrust in one another and discuss these existential dilemmas. None of us have chosen a simple life; we are all extraordinary men of vision, commitment and will, so brethren’s! Remember you can all fall back on each other. If you experience any kind of failure, remember it is merely material for your evolution and process here in the physical and it is in fact up to you to make it an asset. Don’t give in to the folly of the mind, direct it and stay strong for.

Now, as for the directives of enhanced human operations, it is very promising, and that technology may help other brethren’s here in their respective fields, so make that technology available to all here and we shall see how we can use it to facilitate our progress.

Lucas Lord: Thank you (sincere, gratefulness). I was going to bring the technology behind enhanced human operation up with each brother at leisure time.

Jason Sun: Good. Now Brother Kimbal, what are our most viable options currently, in terms of reforming the public education systems? What do you recommend?

Kimbal Firm: First of all, if you will allow a bit of sentiment. I just want to say that it is truly great to see you all. And it is fascinating to observe the experience you have accumulated since last, as it is thoroughly visible in your eyes. I can tell you are all much wiser. Your growth is shining like light through your eyes (everyone smiles). So that’s that.

Now, changing the world of public education, me and some additional brethren’s, as well as sisters, have as you know infiltrated the hierarchies regulating these systems worldwide, and we have also observed that there are many kinds of infiltrators from the lesser evolved orders who are practicing an influence that is unbecoming, to say the least. We have identified these individuals and have them on surveillance and each brethren will receive a rapport and we look forward to your suggestions on how to handle these “persona non grata”. But in terms of our viable options for reform, we are currently working on designing a new curriculum to develop world leaders. It is based on much of what brother Socrates had to say, that one must before anything else know one self and utilize the knowledge of self to construct a foundation from which one can operate more optimally. So, it is largely about teaching children to become self-experts; leaders in their own thoughts, words and deeds; teaching the mechanics of consciousness on a basic level, by enhancing their pattern-recognition and deduction abilities, wherein there is no point emerging inside the child, which the child will neglect to consider the implications of, internally and externally, to put them in a position to modify the internal and external, by means of introspection, self-directive and corrective actions and in so doing condition the mind to not become counteractive to life. In this we will primarily focus on the relationship between the mind and the physical in terms of how to manage that interaction in accordance with the universal laws and principles of quantum mechanics. Much of the curriculum will deal with laws such as the law of attraction and the law of repulsion, also a great deal of attention and focus will be put on and how to integrate the conscious-mind with the subconscious and unconscious-mind, thereby enabling holistic thinking. We will start with the basics the first seven years of life, wherein children will be taught to classify data in terms of big-data, meta-data, deep-data and so forth. We will be quite specific on teaching data-classification, as it becomes increasingly more important to help children navigate all the data, so as to not overwhelm them. More importantly we will deal with how children can construct relationship to words, from a perspective of self-empowerment. So that when they are faced with words they do not react, but understand. In this regard we will finally make it abundantly clear that any kind of reaction of the mind is a result of a conflict and lack of understanding. So we will begin to teach word-matrixes, and how children can define their words from a perspective of self-empowerment, integrity and practical application, rather than over reactive fantasies of previous generations. We will also put a great deal of emphasize on the unified consciousness field theory in terms of its governing principles, specifically in terms of prevention as the best cure, and how the notion of a group mind can be set to practice through various think tank groups for innovation, reforms and similar project developments. In this we will teach how a group can harmonize in order to create a group mind of unison, which each participant can access for data requests. We are also putting a great deal of emphasize on how to expand a child’s teach ability index, and we will teach this from a perspective of self-responsibility; to have children understand that it is their responsibility to not consider things in terms of conclusions but as current assessments. It is just matter of teaching the child to bypass their belief-systems, self-definitions and all that nonsense, so they can see things for what they are, rather than for what they are, currently, as the sins of the forefathers. At the moment we think it wise to implement this curriculum on small scales in all countries and test it out on as much of a diverse spectrum of individuals as possible. And we must specifically make examples out of the ones most have given up on, that is to say those who stem from bloodlines of the most decadent and prove once and for all that genes does not play a big role, but that the determining factor is the environment in which the child is raised, and that if we design an environment of support, integrity, effective encouragement, introspection, self-expression and self-realization any child can become a world leader. I realize we have time constraints for the purpose of discussion, so suffice to say is that I have written out our current proposals for this curriculum in more specific detail, which each brethren will receive and revise. I very much look forward to your questions, comments, observations and suggestions. We will test this curriculum the coming ten years, and in that process we will gather the intelligence we require to create a curriculum that works for all human-beings, with the individual modifications and flexibility that is required.

Jason Sun: Splendid! (Everyone looks at Kimbal proudly with reverence and gratefulness). Kimbal, about your initial statement, it takes a wise men to appreciate the passage of time in the eyes of man. I appreciate the sentiment. And regarding the curriculum, let us know as soon as possible, so we can give our input.

Now I want to hear more on the mining of water from the moon and the building of domes on mars. For how long can we sustain 200 people on mars, by current estimation? I also would like to hear about the transition to electric cars, the management of energy and the purification of the oceans, as well as the restoration of the deserts. Brother Albert?

Albert Grape: Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that we have managed to mine 90 million tons of water from the moon, that is purified and drinkable, and we expect much, much more. As for Mars, we have successfully built ten large domes, capable of accommodating 200 people per dome, and we have also managed to automate the food production there, and expect the yearly food production per dome to be able to sustain 200 people with food for everyday for an entire year. We will not far from now be able to keep the food production consistent all year round for as long as necessary. About the electric car, we will make it abundantly clear for the masses, that the current alternatives, such as oil and gas are unsound for the planet and we will reform the law system to support the science that proves it and demand electric be the global standard within 20 years’ time, and once we have sorted out the education of the public, we can have them understand that the only source of energy required is the sun, it is just matter of harnessing it effectively. But we must remain careful so as to not provide free energy to the military mechanism, as we wouldn’t want monkeys with guns. This will be very difficult, because man is not yet evolved enough to have access to unconditional energy, for he will abuse. So we must find a way to work into the frameworks of international law, reforms that will make it impossible for military mechanisms to have access to free and abundant energy. Once war is against the law, we may consider providing people with more access. But first the internal order of man must become of virtue and maturity, so the New World Order may unfold. As you know, four ecosystems are on the verge of collapse, but we will estimate that we will be able to save them before 2030, and we will soon launch the Nanobots that will clean the oceans and the technology to restore the deserts is already in place. I also want to add that we have been able to build a relatively small town under water, which each brethren will gain access to. Currently we can accommodate about 100 people. Also, you be glad to know that we have quite a couple of hotels floating on the water, and we will also create various cities on the oceans.

Jason Sun: Great work! I look forward further on this as we progress. And about the underwater city, I think we should consider having one of our headquarters there. But that is for another time. But, on the topic of managing resource, I would like to hear from Brother Leonard about how we are doing with accustoming the public to accept a universal basic income. Leo?

Leonard Ingrow: Yes, we are doing well. We have several highly affluent and collectively accepted financial experts and public figures whom the vast majority consider as authorities, such as the heads of various national banks that have made public statements endorsing a universal basic income. We are also issuing directives to our behavioral experts and marketing executives around the world to work on furthering our digital media campaign to endorse it and condition the public to accept it. We must manipulate people to value human rights and life, unfortunately. We have also many people participating in various Brussels forum who are winning acceptance in the lower part of our hierarchies. So all in all, it is gaining acceptance and many countries are optimistic about it. I suspect we will be able to implement it on a universal scale before 2050, together with the automation of industry and work; making it clear that a basic income will keep the balance; once we have removed 70 percent of all the jobs in the world. We are also publishing various papers all over the world with the research proving that a person, who never has to worry about money, have the best conditions to realize his or her full potential and that the fear of survival is literally stopping human evolution. So the whole point of removing survival as a constant point regulating the mind of the human race, will be proven as something that will facilitate our evolution and we will explain it in such a way that even the less evolved can comprehend. We already have the word codes constructed to get through those thick skulls (frustrating smile). So we are channeling the science that proves how survival is not the cause for our evolution, but rather like the opposite. Putting focus on how to live and thrive rather than merely survive. The main point that will facilitate this is to expose the mental-disorders that make people think some people shouldn’t be guaranteed a dignified life.

Jason Sun: About time. How about the process of mass automation, how is the public adjusting? Edgar?

Edgar Source: To be frank, brothers, we have a great amount of resistance. People are still very much conditioned to the idea of having to work in order to be worthy of life. There is a great outcry that without working for life, an income and purpose given by an external source; people will become absolutely docile and contemptuous, as if that was not already the case (flashing contempt). In this regard we really must bring about new ideas and definition of what entails actual work, and that it must be meaningful and add value to life in order to qualify, rather than just generate profit.

So, we are combating this with various education directives, showing how more time to be human can be a good thing. People will finally be able to focus on the good things in life, rather than the constant fear of survival. In this we need to create more examples of how necessity is not the only mother of invention, but that helping people develop passion, curiosity and enthusiasm for science can create a natural flow of creation. The biggest problem I see, is that with mass automation and a basic income, people will begin to feel how they really feel, and it will be an overwhelming experience to face the actual truth of what human beings have accepted and allowed themselves to be and become, in thought, word and deed. So with all that free time, and with so little distractions in terms of jobs, people will begin to actually experience what they feel, which has been suppressed for ages. So what is prominent is the subconscious and unconscious-mind floating to the surface, and to manage that, we need to develop more scientific methodologies in education in terms of self-help and self-improvements, as Borther Kimbal effectively pointed out. Otherwise we cannot keep people stable enough to handle all that free time they claim to want. So we are nearing the next evolutionary phase of internal self-responsibility and self-transformation. So it is clear once again, that education is most often the solution.

Jason Sun: I understand. Thanks for devoting such specificity and analysis to the problem. This is indeed one of the greatest challenges we stand before; to keep people stable and adaptable to the change we have the foresight and duty to prepare them for. And as we have seen population reduction and war is not a solution, but one of the problems. It is the very psychology that creates it we must combat. So it is clear that we must become more adept at improving the psychological well-being of the masses, and actually consider it as the very point that can improve the world. For any change to happen, as we know, must first happen inside. Speaking of what happens inside, brother John, how are we doing with the recruitment’s for our Order?

John: Brothers, as we have seen there is hardly any point in recruiting individuals from academia or the political arena. We have many candidates who on paper seem exceptionally brilliant, capable and even honorable, but as we have observed through our forensic investigations and more detailed analysis, there is hardly one of them who may be said to direct their free time in a way that suggest they truly care about changing the world, or change and transform themselves in order to get the job done. And after all, only through a man’s free time may you judge him accurately. And as we constantly listen, record and investigate them through their phones, tablets and computers we can tell, many of our currently considered candidates are simply too small minded. And all of them suffer from the vanity of self-righteousness and the fancy of already knowing it all. They are as we say, not teachable. So, I want to suggest we begin to look more for the younger ones, outside of the conventional criteria for recruitment, such as the hacker kids and the more civilized rebels that by the use of their free time indicate an intention to prepare themselves to stand as examples and in service of all, for only they can become great. I am currently observing a young man through his online activities and in any other way I can; computer, tablet, phone, records, relationships, finances, associations and work. He is a personal-assistant and has barely worked with anything else for numerous years. I bet he only works in order to work when he gets home(smiles with everyone). He has no education to speak of, in conventional terms. He did however began to build a library at twelve years of age and he has stored external hard drives with data he believes future generations will depend on, and from looking through it, this young man is on to some real promising leads on how to improve the world. I can even say that much of what we have discussed this young man has learned on his own.

But he is incredibly sad, alone and without friends. Well, he is popular, respected, liked and even have some seemingly close friends, but they cannot possibly know the depth of him as we can, because only an individual that has walked in his shoes and been where he has been, can possibly understand that absolute pain and sorrow of seeing the world for what it currently is in terms of the big picture, which was his decision and drive to do; to find out the truth about everythingeven if it kills him. The only ones that could possibly know him are us, who have dedicated ourselves to change the world, by first changing ourselves from within to be in a position to change things outside of ourselves. And he seems truly committed to change himself into becoming something that is best for all life. It is quite fascinating..(paus) He actually has written mission statements for his life about changing the world through his behavior. He is a man if depth, vision, infinite patience and commitment. He is the ideal candidate for our Order. He can be in the center of it all and interact with any kind of person, effectively, and he is nearly always considered a source of value, no matter with who he deals. Truth is, the average person is not capable of comprehending the depths of him, only people like we can. And so I believe he can find a family in us, and I already have a few ideas on an identity he can assume and what country he can most effectively apply himself as an asset for our Order, or life as we say. And lastly, I want to point out an example of the sort of character he is when no one is watching.

I sometimes observe him through his webcam while he is studying various geopolitical, economic and technological forums. He is relentless and tenacious with his free time studies. He spends every single night watching The World Economic Forum, The German Marshall Fund and anything and everything that has major implications in terms of where this world is going. This kid is like a machine, he is constantly focusing on the most important things about the most important things and he does it all in secretnobody knows how much he cares about the world. At times as I observe him late at night through his webcam; I see him crying in absolute and total despair, pain and loneliness. But it seems to make him stronger, more dedicated and committed to make a difference. He has a remarkable ability to use the pain and trauma of his life to motivate him to change it. Because I see how he deals with those experiences. When he has undergone an emotional turmoil he sits down and starts writing in the form of self-forgiveness, for blaming external circumstances and events for how he internally allows himself to relate to them by the participation, acceptance and allowance of thoughts, feelings and emotions. The most powerful thing about this young man is that he never blames outside circumstances, events or people for how he feels, and he naturally assumes the responsibility that if something happen to him, it is because he created it in some way and he never gives up on finding out how, why and when. It is incredibly fascinating to observe, and as our recruitment specialist I can tell you that I have never seen anyone with more promising potential. And I have even considered the possibility of him putting on a show and being aware of us watching him, as I know he is quite the hacker. But, from all possible analysis I concluded that he is not putting on a show. It is my job to consider the possibility, and even now I cannot exclude it entirely. Either way, I have created a profile and gathered much of his writings as well as some of the content on his hard drives, and I look forward hearing what each brethren think of recruiting this man to the first degree, and perhaps in 10 years’ time, he may take a leading role in publicly advocating the New World Order. His name is Donald Whistle and he is 23 years old. He has my vote. I have been investigating him for 4 months. So please investigate the profile and data I have gathered and let me know what you advise.

Jason Sun: John, he reminds me of you. In fact, he reminds me of everyone here, and I can tell by your plead and from observing you all, that each one here were moved by your words. I do however advice serious caution here, as you seem a bit too sentimental about this, and it mustn’t cloud your vision or make you vulnerable for deception, as feelings often makes one. But, if you share the profile we may all vote on how to proceed, but in such a case I advise you establish contact and infiltrate his life slowly but surely. We can delegate your current responsibilities to other brethren’s so you focus on this, because my judgment is that this requires further investigation and analysis, but according to your words we must prioritize investigating this individual further.

John/me: Yes, that sounds fair and reasonable and I do confess my sensibilities on this point. I will proceed with extreme caution and keep you all up to date. I will also provide each brethren access to the server on which we record the process of investigating him.

Jason Sun: Good. Now, there is one point I consider in need of revision and it is our release protocols in case of death. If a brother is assassinated, the protocol that is triggered must be swift and ensure the passing brethren’s duties and responsibilities are immediately taken care of by the brother next in line. To facilitate a smooth transition I have revised and improved the protocol as best I know how, and you will all receive a revision by later this month. Look through it and send me your questions, comments, observations and suggestions and we can see how we can improve and guarantee the transition for the continual work of our Order. (everyone looks confident and calm)

Jason Sun: And as for an update regarding our influence over Media, things are coming along quite nicely. We are creating higher standards and examples of investigative reporters, that will inspire a new generation of thinkers; far beyond what has been the worlds intellectual standard. We are encouraging real introspection, analysis and critical thinking. Pretty soon, we will shift the focus of the masses more effectively towards self-empowerment and self-improvement. We still have opposition in our companies, by the profane and greedy ones. They will be dealt with by law.

Now as you all know Nicolas Serene could not make it, due to responsibility and time constraint, and we could not have him miss the opportunity he has in the united nations general assembly, so we had him stay where he was and to inform us of the results later. He is currently working to identify some of the less evolved individuals in our order who have infiltrated the UN and that we suspect to abuse their influence for irrational self-interest.

Jason Sun: Now, Brother James, tell us about the strategies for unifying more countries in the establishment for global order.

James Edwards: We are currently directing a large portion of our efforts to utilize the internet of things in order to facilitate the interconnectedness of various global resource systems, to push for more global transparency; showing all that we have the resources to raise everyone’s standard to that of a millionaire. We are also utilizing companies the lower degree brethren’s are in charge of, dealing with various search engines; to channel information across borders to educate the less privileged countries to become more adept in the participation of creating a world system, as well as gain more access to useful information that can impulse more progressive thinking and innovation. We are also propagating for a universal basic income in such a way that it is clear that it will become inevitable for a universally functioning basic support system that guarantees all human-beings an honorable life. It is a matter of time before people become ashamed that we haven’t yet establish that as our global standard yet, despite having had the ability to implement such a point for so long. In this regard we are using the frameworks of the law systems to raise the point of a basic income as a universal human-right to life, and as soon as it is defined according to the lawthe rest will fall into place from there, but we will be faced with great opposition from the other secret societies who are more self-interested, but to ensure they do not get more influence we have undercover operatives in all of them and many of these operatives have already assumed very high ranking positions. Eventually we can take them over and have them working for a better world; it is just a matter of replacing the hierarchies, slowly but surely. The war between secret societies will stop, and people will pay for what they have done. The history of the world is the history if secret societies, and it is time we stop it. We need one world.

Jason Sun: Sounds good, and I am pleased to announce that we have now gained directive principle over 70 percent of all secret societies in the world. (everyone smiles)

Jason Sun: Now Charles, how are things coming along for our space ambassador’s in terms of the interaction with the other species?

Charles Brighton: We currently have four operatives actively researching and exploring the universe, and the species that has allowed us to visit, study and learn from them have communicated that they only will tolerate one at a time, but they are highly selective and have thus far only allowed Lilly to get in physical proximity. She has written a rapport on her observations and by recall disclosed every single word they have expressed to her thus far in precise order, of which we all will take part. Apparently it took them 3 seconds to learn our language. But to brief you all a bit in advance, as I am sure you all must be eager to hear about the process, I can tell you that she has expressed that they have been very specific in communicating about our origins, in terms of how, why and when we were manifested into and as parts of this planet. They say we are far older than we realize and that the forms we now find ourselves in is a result of us having abdicated our integrity and self-responsibility from previous timelines, when we assumed other forms and expression of the universe. They say that those that will expand their expression in terms of becoming in the image and likeness of oneness and equality, will be allowed to remain as individualized expressions with capacity for self-movement and that those that do not honor life, will simply return to substance, which means loss their privilege of individuality. They say that this planet is of a very specific design and that it was brought into existence for a very important reason, which is to find out who of those that abused life in the universe will be allowed to come home, so to speak, which in their words means: becoming that which we once were. They also suggest that we should consider the planet as God, rather than ideas we have in our minds (smiles). They claim that the mind was the only way to trap ourselves in our own creation and consequence of abdicating our integrity and self-responsibility. It is the prison we created for ourselves and that we must purify it to become free. Not precisely newsworthy for us, but an important reminder.

Now, this particular race we are currently interacting with, do not call themselves by any particular name, but they want to be referred to and considered as our equals. They are quite beautiful, very majestic beings. A being there is by size comparable to three humans, and they do not really have solidified forms as we would understand it in physical terms. They did however say that they are actually more physical than we are and thus more adaptable. They seem to be able to assume any form they want, even manifest themselves as space crafts. Their culture is truly fascinating. By behavior, they are quite strict seeming; but tolerant and encouraging. They really enjoy observing how we communicate. Lilly said they find it very fascinating to observe how humans are so occupied with weather or not aliens exist. They think it is fun, as we once were manifested all over the universe in various forms. And it is very fun for them as they consider us aliens to our own planet. They actually made a joke, saying that we are the only aliens left in the universe. Everyone else in the universe is a self-realized being, even planets. Oh, and lastly, they wanted to emphasize that none aside from us, who have proved our dedication to the Great Work of producing a world that honors life, will be tolerated outside the atmosphere, and that they are not interested in any participation, cooperation or further communication, beyond our association here. But if we can prove ourselves by creating a sustainable model of life, that honors all beings on the planet and successfully implement it, they would consider more exchange, interaction and supporting us via more technology, data and cooperation. For now the interaction will be quite limited, and the courtesy is only extended to us through Lilly. The say that the absolute minimum requirement to join the other species, is a planet that is best for all.

Jason Sun: How fascinating. It will not only be our pleasure to study the rapports from Lilly, but an absolute honor and privilege. But! Let’s not distract our minds from solving the problems on earth first and foremost. The only relevance this interaction through Lilly has is in terms of how to improve the conditions on Earth. So, no matter how fascinating these dialogues are, ultimately it is the planet that decides who will continue and who will not. So, do not permit your mind to dwell too much on this (everyone nods their head and look at Jason with respect). But lastly on this point, what was the estimation the other species had for a timeline in terms of sorting out the problems on Earth, before the planet will reject us?

Charles Brighton: They estimate that we have until the year 2300.

Jason Sun: Very well, no time to waste as always. So, are all pleased with this annual update? Are there any questions, comments or observations?


Jason Sun: Very well. You all have your protocols, but now all are in the loop. I invite you all to contact me at any time and if anyone requires any resource in any capacity, look to your right and be sure to know that in him you can trust as if he were yourself; as long as you keep a clean mind aimed at improving the state of the world. I hereby declare the meeting to be over. All of you have your room keys and the dining room, library, bar and lounge is at your disposal. So, take time to relax, look after your brethren’s and enjoy yourself. This will be a very important week for us, so get your rest and we will specify the plans for all discussed this evening during the course of this week as we prepare for The New World Order.