On this page I will as I always have; continually share knowledge and information I consider valuable for everyone. Not just a mere few. I am talking about the things you cannot afford to ignore. The things that unless you educate yourself about, will inevitably limit you. Consider it intellectual self-defense. There are inherent flaws in human-psychology that we may define as pre-programming, and if you do not recognize this and take responsibility for it, someone else will. And this someone else might not have your interest at heart. I do.

A lot of the knowledge that will be forthcoming here concerns the future of education and the development of accurate judgement, which is one of my greatest interests. I care deeply about the state of education in the world and I consider it the determining infrastructure for the future of this civilization. So it is of strategic and paramount importance that we ensure that these systems are designed to help people adapt to the change we are already witnessing.

For example, many are being educated to enter a market place that is busy being automated, and so new skills are required, and it is these skills I want to focus on.

But who am I?

Just like you, nothing special. But I am the type of person that used to ditch school in order to go to the library and read. I wanted the applicable stuff. The stuff that the leaders and elite of the world were getting. And so here is some of the things I discovered in the process.


Markus Modin